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Directions to the ranch        
Directions to The Ranch at Flat Creek Crossing (From Austin)  
  Estimated Drive Time: 1 Hour

1. Take 290 West out of Austin, through Oak Hills, Drippings Springs and then Henley.

2. Turn right on 3232 -- this turn is very easy to find:
It is just over a mile past the small town of Henley and is marked by a sign pointing the way to
Pedernales Falls State Park.

3. Stay on 3232 until it “T’s” into FM 2766 (almost at the park entrance – FM 2766
becomes County Road 201 at this point).

Turn RIGHT (a left will take you to Johnson City) and go past the park entrance – DO NOT go in the park gate.

5. Continue a little over 2 MILES down County Road 201 (you’ll notice that even though you did not go
through the park gate, you are still traveling through the park). You will pass an electrical power transfer
station on your left at about 1 mile – at 2 miles you will cross a cattle guard and notice the ranch’s white
wooden fence on your left.

6. Continue a few hundred yards over a slight hill.

7. Take a left at the ranch entrance: You’ll see a sign that says “FLAT CREEK CROSSING.”
    Map to The Ranch at Flat Creek Crossing